Best selling book from global Catholic speaker Jonathan Doyle
Tools And Fuels
How Catholic Teachers Can Become Saints, Beat Burnout and Save the World
How can we help teachers avoid burnout, cynicism and exhaustion?

How can the Catholic teacher live their vocation more fully?
How can they share the faith with young people and a make a difference in the world?
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"Absolutely excellent read ! Rejuvenates the spirit and gives focus to our purpose as teachers!"
Kara Russell
Catholic Teacher
Are you a dedicated Catholic education leader or teacher, driven by a passion for shaping young minds in the light of faith? If so, "Tools and Fuels" is the transformative guide you've been waiting for!
Authored by renowned global Catholic motivational speaker Jonathan Doyle, this inspirational book equips educators like you with practical strategies to reignite your passion and thrive in your noble vocation.
Do Catholic schools exist just to get kids into college or are there greater possibilities?
Catholic schools are uniquely positioned to transform culture, make Jesus Christ known and loved and help young people find, develop and deploy their gifts for the world. However, demands and complexity are constantly increasing. Government, parents and lobby groups expect schools to do more and more, often with less and less.
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About the book
"Tools and Fuels" is a beacon of hope for Catholic education leaders and teachers, addressing the ever-increasing challenges of burnout and exhaustion in the teaching profession.
Jonathan Doyle, a celebrated motivational speaker with deep ties to the Catholic community, brings his expertise to this uplifting book, offering valuable insights to empower you as an educator to make a lasting impact on your students while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
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Why "Tools and Fuels" is Essential for Catholic Educators:
Tailored for Catholic Education:
As a Catholic educator, your role is unique, and the challenges you face are distinct. "Tools and Fuels" is specifically crafted to address these challenges, providing you with faith-based tools to thrive and succeed in your daily teaching life.
Catholic Values and Spirituality:
"Tools and Fuels" is infused with Catholic values, drawing strength from the rich spiritual heritage of the Church. It empowers you to find purpose and fulfillment in your role as a teacher, connecting your faith to your profession.
Builds the Identity of the School:
Whether you're a principal or a classroom teacher, "Tools and Fuels" is designed for all levels of Catholic education. It strengthens the entire ecosystem of Catholic schools, fostering a positive culture for educators and students alike.
Practical Strategies for Success:
This book goes beyond mere inspiration; it offers actionable strategies to overcome burnout and exhaustion. Jonathan Doyle delves into the core issues faced by Catholic educators and provides real solutions to navigate the demanding vocation of teaching.
A Message of Hope:
In the face of mounting challenges, this book is a guiding light that reminds you why you chose this vocation in the first place. It rekindles your passion, reminds you of your impact, and instills hope for a fulfilling teaching journey.
How "Tools and Fuels" Transforms Catholic Education:
Renewed Passion and Purpose:
Discover practical tools to reignite your passion for teaching and embrace your vocation with renewed purpose.
Effective Stress Management:
Implement proven strategies to combat burnout and exhaustion, creating a healthy work-life balance that enhances your well-being.
Enhanced Student Engagement:
When educators thrive, students flourish. "Tools and Fuels" equips you to create an engaging and inspiring learning environment.
A Community of Support:
Connect with other Catholic educators on the same journey, building a supportive community of like-minded professionals.
Ignite Your Passion for Catholic Education with "Tools and Fuels"
Transform your teaching life and empower your students to thrive academically, emotionally, and spiritually.
"Tools and Fuels" is your guiding compass, helping you navigate the challenges of the vocation and reignite your love for Catholic education.
Don't let burnout dim your calling; embrace the tools that fuel your passion.
Order "Tools and Fuels" today and take the first step toward a more fulfilling and successful teaching journey.
Experience the joy of teaching with purpose and faith. Get your copy of "Tools and Fuels" now!
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What Are People Saying About TOOLS & FUELS?
I just finished reading Jonathan Doyle's new book Tools & Fuels last night. It is a truly inspirational book with simple advice for anyone involved in Catholic education.If you are a Catholic teacher, you MUST read this book. If there is one book you read this summer (other than the Bible) read this book!

Tim Scholze
Catholic Teacher
This is a wonderful, vibrant book which is well written, easy to read and it doesn't take long to read. It is written by someone who is, obviously, strongly committed to the Church and Catholic education. It is a book which should be of interest to all Catholic educators and persons interested in Catholic education. It would also be of interest to all committed Catholics as it can be used for meditation and reflection on our relationship with Christ.

Maree Joseph
Catholic Principal
I read this on Kindle and love it! I am the chaplain at a Catholic high school and could not have written a better analysis of the problem and solution that Jonathan so expertly enunciates.

Donald Fraser
Catholic Teacher
I had the pleasure to hear Jonathan speak at NCEA17! Tools and Fuels is the message that all Catholic educators need to hear. The message of reigniting the Spirit to avoid burnout and drawing me back to the essence of my vocation was just what was needed! The book not only draws on passion but also on the teachings of the Catholic Church! Tools and Fuels is a must read!

Adam Cottos
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