"Jonathan has many gifts – first he read me well from the first time we met, listening and coaching and helping me grow as a leader; but secondly he delivered a world class keynote to over 8,000 delegates at the NCEA Convention – and was late to the following dinner because so many folks wanted to talk to him after the keynote!"

"Jonathan's keynote was tremendous; it was as if he was speaking to me, just me, even though there were over 8,000 present, and as a result of his presentation many leaders requested his return to the US for more talks and presentations."

"As a leader I've learned a great deal from my collaboration and friendship with Jonathan; he is a great listener yet also communicates what the person in front of him needs to hear, whether over a cup of coffee or when he is giving a keynote to thousands.

"Jonathan has the unique gift of connecting with and inspiring all those he meets. He makes the complex, simple, and is able to engage a crowd of 1000s, or lead one individual to their highest potential. I have been stunned by his impact. His message of hope is greatly needed in our business communities and world."
Gail Dorn - President CSCOE - Minneapolis USA
Upon first hearing Jonathan in St. Louis, he made an indelible impression upon our small group. We knew we had to have him speak at our annual seminar program in Texas. Our persistence paid off! It finally happened! Jonathan spoke to our administrators and staff members and his authentic, humorous, and engaging style was entertaining, informative, and inspiring! Our folks are still remarking that this was probably the BEST presentation they'd heard in years of coming to our seminars!

Jonathan is also personable and present. When you're conversing with him on a one-to-one basis, Jonathan makes you feel that you are just as important as the hundreds and thousands he addresses during his presentations! Because of his honesty and sincerity, I want to be a better dad, a better leader, and a better human being!

Dr. John Quarry - Texas USA
Jonathan lives what he speaks and his personal witness and journey enhance his powerful message.
Gary Gelo - Superintendent For Education
Palm Beach Florida
I listen to your podcast every day and I find it very inspiring. I jot down notes in my journal of the main points each time. You are doing a fantastic job of helping people to grow. I even have one of your messages up on my wall. Keep up the good work and thank you very much for all you do
New Zealand
Jonathon brings insight and optimism to the journey of everyday life. He makes 'common sense' more sensible because of his eloquence and ability to make complex ideas clear. He makes 'common sense' more common because of his drive and energy. He seems indefatigable. His research and creativity are extraordinary. I have found Jonathon's work very important and very accessible. He has a humility and a vulnerability as well as authentic strength and clarity of purpose. I would highly recommend Jonathon's work when seeking a perspective about living well and living truthfully.
Greg Hay
Jonathon, you are one of a kind!!! Everything you say strikes a chord every single time!!...so many thought-provoking layers, so many perfectly chosen words, so many subtle but profound concepts....and all amazing and true!!
Your podcasts and videos have been a great source of encouragement in personal development for myself and the people with whom I've shared them. I look forward to receiving your notifications for each new topic. Your inspiration changes the lives of people whom you may never meet.