A Resource For Students In Their Final Year of Primary School
End of Primary Edition
The Secret
To Helping Your
Navigate relationships, wellbeing
and the changes that come
with adolescence. 
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The Perfect Gift For Your Students
Being a teenager today comes with many challenge's and choices. 
We are so excited about the junior edition of The Road Ahead Magazine and look forward to bringing your junior students this fantastic new resource.

In recent years hundreds of thousands of students have received this special resource exploring topics such as emotional and mental well being, personal identity, navigating the online world safely, body image and body safety, consent,  faith and prayer, mentors, social media and gaming, time management, relationships and dating, health and wellbeing and much more.

The Road Ahead is perfect for students who are in their final term of primary school. It is the perfect way to prepare them for the transition to high school.

Use it anywhere you need a modern, engaging resource that speaks to students in their own language and empowers them to be the best they can be

So much value for $7.99 per copy (Min 50 order, but exceptions made for smaller schools) 

What is The Road Ahead?
The Road Ahead is a full-colour glossy 48 page magazine. It covers all the topics that are most relevant to your students and helping and is targeted to help your students in their final year of primary school get off to the best possible start when they hit high school.
We target a range of key issues that they need to focus upon and then provide the content for you to take them further.
  • Navigating the change from primary school into high school
  • Time-management
  • Managing change and growth mindset
  • ​Resilience and Wellbeing
  • ​Relationships and friendship
  • Addressing Depression
  • Understanding Anxiety
  • Faith, Spirituality and Prayer
  • ​Rest, Sleep And Exercise
  • Staying safe online
  • ​Managing tech and social media
  • ​Body safety
  • ​Consent
  • Body Image
  • ​And much, much more.....
The Greatest Teachers Know This.....
Every student, given the right conditions, can succeed!
All they need is the right teacher at the right time and great content!
They need mentors and resources to support them in the key moments of transition.
"The Road Ahead is a pivotal part of our school.
This publication is well liked by and engages the students
on some very pertinent topics."
Gary Burgess 
Do you want to give your students the best start to high school?
Parents and teachers are cited by children as their preferred source of information
when it comes to navigating the challenges of adolescence.
  • What if we could target some of the major issues that young people face as they transition to out of primary school? 
  • What if we could prepare and equip them for their first year of high school in a way that sees them flourish rather than struggle?
It seems the best teachers and school leaders have a heart for every student and care deeply about their outcomes.
They also know that giving their students the best possible resources can also make
a big difference. The right content at the right time can make a huge impact.
We've been using the Road Ahead magazine for a number of years now as part of our annual course. It's a really helpful platform to start discussions and the mix of faith-based topics with other insightful articles lends itself well to senior students. The layout of the magazine is very attractive and this helps students to engage positively with it, which is not something I can say about all resources. We base our course around lots of material from the magazine and then supplement it with a few other activities. The magazine is a very affordable and helpful resource that comes at a very low cost, so I would recommend it to anyone looking to broaden the scope of their RE, PDHPE, student well-being, or student leadership courses.

RE Co-Ordinator

We give the Road Ahead magazine to each of our students. The magazine and the online resources that accompany it have proven to be insightful and engaging for students as they are considering where their lives will take them beyond their formal education.

Year Co-ordinator

The Road Ahead is a pivotal part of our end-of-year program and indeed Year 12. This publication is well-liked by and engages the students on some very pertinent topics.

School Principal

  • Address difficult and sensitive topics with topic quality content from trusted experts.
  • Improve learning outcomes in any class setting with the topics addressed within The Road Ahead.
  • ​Empower your students with easy conversation starters on the topics that matter most to them.
  • Offer as a stand-alone resource given to students as they finish primary school.
  • ​Resource your students with cutting edge thinking from some of the world's best universities on personal effectiveness and wellbeing.
"I highly recommend this resource to any group of students
seeking to educate themselves and get off to the best possible
start in life. "
Pastor Mark Tuffin
It's been so tough!
The Impact on Mental Health & Wellbeing
Look at the sample of research here! I know we could find so many more.
COVID has massively impacted the entire experience of education for virtually every single student.
Yes, there are academic challenges but what about the huge impact on
well-being, mental health, social connection, physical movement,
and more?
The research states: "The findings of our study highlight the urgent need
to develop interventions and preventive strategies to address
the mental health of college students."
From the Founder
I'm Karen Doyle and over the last two decades here at Choicez Media we have had an incredibly privileged chance
to serve students, teachers, and their families around the world.

One of the most important things we've learned is just how much teachers care about their students. However, as our world becomes more complex and challenging, so many teachers are looking around for high-quality resources that not only make their work a little easier but also help young people to make great choices and get off to a solid start in life.

That's why The Road Ahead Junior Magazine and online platform has been such a success for tens of thousands of students a year in and year out.

It's time to give your students the tools they need.